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Finance plays a very important role in the masterment and performance of a company. The Advanced Certificate in Corporate Finance (ACCF) online training delivered by HEC Paris and FIRST FINANCE Institute is the logical continuation of the ICCF @ HEC Paris (International Certificate in Corporate Finance).


This programme offers you the opportunity to deepen your reflection on a series of issues facing corporate financiers. Through an innovative online pedagogy, with an emphasis on role-playing, this programme places the discussion of real-life cases at the heart of the learning process.
It is based on a new and lively pedagogical format, inspired by MOOC: a series of virtual classes and collaborative case studies to help you grasp the new challenges of finance and led by Pascal Quiry.


The programme is aimed at executives in banks and financial institutions, corporate financial managers, entrepreneurs and business leaders, accountants and lawyers.


Les objectifs de cette formation

ACCF@HEC Paris allows to:


  • Prepare, in a concrete and in-depth way, to solve various problems and decisions that the corporate financier may encounter.
    – Acquire the tools and reasoning necessary to deal with the situations addressed.
    – Exercise critical thinking by taking into account all their dimensions
  • Practise collective resolution of company situations through group work

Les points forts du certificat

Access premium content while staying in control of your schedule

ACCF@HEC Paris allows you to deepen your thinking and strengthen your expertise in finance. It corresponds to the Master 2 course in corporate finance (finance major) taught at HEC Paris.
This online training is compatible with your professional life: obtain your certification in 6 months!

Benefit from permanent support

Exchanges with Professor Pascal Quiry and the learning coaches via the forum to discuss a series of case studies:

  • Inspired by existing companies and current issues
  • Presented as a group and corrected by Pascal Quiry
  • Supplemented by two masterclasses with prestigious guest speakers

Very detailed learning analytics that make you aware of your progress.

Obtain a prestigious certification

Issued by HEC Paris, one of Europe’s top management schools and recognized by the largest international banks and companies.

Expand your network

With 7,000 members, the FIRST FINANCE Institute alumni community is a very effective network to accelerate your career.



Pascal QUIRY
ICCF@HEC Paris & ACCF@HEC paris

Since the age of 23, he has been teaching corporate finance, which he practices as an investor and director of listed and unlisted companies.

Next session :
1 September 2022

Innovative teaching methods for highly effective training

The programme is punctuated by live, remote and interactive « sessions ». In the meantime, participants prepare cases, benefit from the resources available on the platform, find advice and discuss on the learning platform.
Guests from the world of finance provide additional testimonials during two live (and live-transmitted) sessions in « Masterclass » format.

Teaching material

For each case study the students are provided with the complete statement, possibly with course videos, multiple choice questions to measure assimilation as well as relevant extracts from the book Vernimmen-Corporate Finance or technical notes.

After each live session, students have access to the video recording, the complete correction of the cases studied, the presentation prepared by the group that dealt with the first case of the session and a summary of the key points of the session.

All the cases studied are those of real companies.

Great witnesses

Guests (CFOs of large companies, investment fund managers, investment bankers, independent directors, etc.) are invited to speak at two exceptional sessions in Masterclass format, in Paris (Porte de Champerret), to address a complementary theme.


A Masterclass is offered at the halfway point, another at the end of the programme.


Topics covered :


  1. Financial indicators and measurement of value creation
  2. The impact of financial macroeconomics on business decisions
  3. Methodology for the analysis of an economic sector and creation of a new financial product
  4. What negotiation technique should be used to sell a subsidiary?
  5. to be listed or not on the stock exchange?
  6. Owning or renting operating real estate?
  7. To take on fixed or variable rate debt?
  8. How to invest your cash in an environment of zero or negative interest rates?
  9. How can the structure of the company impact its value?
  10. Financing start-ups or mistakes to avoid
  11. What dividend policy?
  12. Analysis of the operation elected financial operation of the year
  13. Read annual reports before investing or lending?
The complementary themes covered in Masterclass

Guests will come to share their experience and give their point of view on questions such as: How to work with your board of directors? How to manage the financial communication of a listed company? How to manage its foreign exchange risk? And many more!


The heart of the training is the live session where the technique allows all participants to exchange, ask for the floor and be given it.

Multiple choice questions and surveys/votes are conducted live.

These sessions take place every 3 weeks, on Mondays from 8:15 pm to 10:00 pm.

They deal with one or two themes illustrated by two cases.

Course of the live sessions

1. The first case is presented for 15/20 minutes by a group of 3 participants who have seriously prepared it in advance. Their analyses and recommendations are presented and argued.
Then a group discussion moderated by Pascal Quiry opens to obtain clarifications, challenge the recommendations of the group that delivered the presentation, even deal with course points if necessary, and broaden the debate while remaining within the theme dealt with.


2. The second case is dealt with by the whole group under the direction of Pascal Quiry who asks questions in order to progress in the resolution of the case and to which the participants who wish to do so answer.
An in-depth reading of this second case is sufficient to be able to participate actively in the discussion, without having to prepare it beforehand.

Admission requirements

The ACCF @ HEC Paris is reserved for people meeting at least one of the following criteria :

  • Be ICCF @ HEC Paris certified,
  • Have attended Cesa Finance or the Executive Master in
  • Financial Management at HEC Paris,
  • Or justify 5 years of professional practice in corporate finance.

NB: participants must have at their disposal the book Corporate Finance – Vernimmen, to which they will be regularly invited to refer.

Conditions for obtaining

The final exam is a two-hour, face-to-face MCQ of 120 questions on the topics covered in the live sessions. Candidates can take it in more than 150 countries, in a Pearson Vue centre, within two months of the last session.

The ACCF certificate requires a final grade of at least 12.5/20, broken down as follows:

  • 15% corresponding to the total of the scores obtained in the MCQs of the live sessions.
  • 30% based on the score obtained in the prepared case
  • 55% awarded to the final examination mark, which must be at least 12.5/20

Une formation qui a fait ses preuves

12% of those certified started a new career after completing this certificate

45% have benefited from a concrete advantage in their career thanks to this certificate.

Claudio Ruberto
Economic Analysis Manager
« What attracted me to this program was the advanced level of content in the field of corporate finance. As I was already financially literate, I was looking for an advanced program that would allow me to progress and it proved to be quite adequate for my level. The other point is the reputation of HEC Paris, combined with the quality of its teaching. This was an important point in the decision. »

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